Use of TrueCOOL:

  • Along with TrueGlo or TrueGlo Cr Swine when the temperature climbs and heat stress becomes an issue. Look ahead at the weather because having TrueCOOL on board 5 days before hot weather gives the best result.
  • When transporting pigs to shows whenever the temperature is above 70 degrees. Starting TrueCOOL 5 days prior to travel is the best practice.
  • For sows farrowing during hot weather.
  • After treating with antibiotics, to support a healthy digestive system and a complete recovery
  • When feeding a picky eater or one that just doesn’t get after feed like they should. Pigs dig the natural oregano, garlic, and other botanical oils we use to flavor TrueCOOL

TrueCOOL comes in a 6 lb bucket and there are about 340 scoops per bucket. The feeding rate is one scoop per 100 lbs of body weight twice a day.

Price: $50.00



We built TrueCOOL as a companion to our highly successful TrueGlo product line for times of heat stress and to give animals that are recovering from disease setbacks support as they recover. Heat stress is a big deal for show pigs. Transportation and athletic performance only increase the toll it takes. Help your pigs keep their cool with TrueCOOL.

Our trial results mimic what has been repeatable in multiple peer reviewed trials. TrueCOOL reduces body temperature and improves gut integrity, which keeps pigs on track in the heat.