Use of TruePURPLE:

  • Before and during transport to help your show pig overcome stress
  • At stock shows to keep your pig full, fresh, hydrated, and hungry
  • To hydrate muscle and optimize top-shape expression
  • During times of heat or disease stress to improve feed consumption
  • When starting new pigs on feed to help them overcome their new environment, feed, and water.
  • To help pigs recover from set backs

TruePurple comes in a 32 ounce twin neck bottle for easy administration. Contact us for larger sizes to use with a water medicator.

Price: $36.50



Your show pig is up to 80% water. That means water isn’t just the most important nutrient it is the one thing that can drive feed consumption and ultimately make the biggest difference in your pigs’ performance in the ring.
Back shape is hydration! To get the kind of pop you want in the show ring start using TruePurple at least three to 4 days prior show.

Our goal was simple when we went to work on TruePurple, we intended to make water better. TruePurple is a high energy acidified, show day electrolyte with a boost of vitamin B12.