TrueGlo Turbo Sow


Use of TrueGlo Turbo Sow:

Use TrueGlo Turbo Sow to have more sellable show pigs from your existing sow herd.

It is a proprietary blend of esterfied medium chain triglycerides (EMCT) and is particularly high in C12 along with our patent pending immune system support product PreVent.

You can feed Turbo Sow continuously or during lactation only depending on your individual situation.

Price: $90.00



Just a little on what MCTs do... In numerous trials EMCTs, particularly C12, have demonstrated antiviral and antibacterial effects including the following: including the following: Kabara et al. 1972; Kabara, 1984;Isaacs et al. 1990, 1992; Boddie & Nickerson, 1992; Wang& Johnson, 1992; Guthery, 1993; Oh & Marshall, 1993; Kinderlerer et al. 1996; Petrone et al. 1998; Petschow et al.1998; Sprong et al. 2002

One of the first places that EMCT’s were studied was with PRRS.  We have incorporated the product in farms experiencing PRRS breaks along with other PRRS mitigation strategies. We’d be happy to discuss those on an individual basis.

In sow farm demonstration trials we repeatedly see the following:

-Improved farrowing rate
-Increased litter size
-Reduced mummified and stillborn pigs
-Increased weaning weight
-Reduced low viability pigs