Use of Provilli:

Price: $90.00



Provilli is a versatile and effective liquid source of medium chain fatty acids. It can be used to both nutritionally and topically to support healthy skin and a healthy gut. Medium chain fatty acids have the ability to enter the cell wall of many pathogens and disrupt their ability to grow.  That’s why they are increasingly used alone or as an all natural adjunct therapy. 

When used orally as a drench or through drinking water it can be used by itself or with approved medications and/or electrolytes to support recovery. Provilli has been shown to improve villi height and crypt depth resulting in better enterocyte performance. That’s why it has been an important adjunct therapy for our customers in everything from calves with crypto to pigs with E.coli. 

Topically Provilli will support healing in a wide variety of skin conditions from ringworm to cracked backs.  

Directions for use:

 In medicators the recommended usage rates of Provilli is to mix 3 oz per gallon of stock solution then meter 1 gallon of stock solution into 128 gallons of water. Provide treated water free choice to all swine.

As a drench mix 6 oz. Provilli in one gallon of water and then administer 1 oz per hundred pounds of body weight twice a day. 

To make a topical spray put one ounce in a 32 ounce sprayer fill with water and spray that solution on the affected area to promote healing and healthy skin. 

 Provilli is very economical each bottle will make: 32 Quarts of topical spray, 1365 gallons of supplanted water, or 5 gallons of drench.  


That’s less than $3 per bottle of topical spray less than 1/2 the cost of a can of Fluid Film


 Key Points

1.     Use during times stress or when animals exhibit signs of intestinal distress to support gut health. 

2.     Use topically to support healing of many different skin conditions. 

3.      Moderate inclusion rate lowers cost of supplementation. 

4.     Can be used by itself or with medication and/or electrolytes.