TrueGlo Turbo R


Use of TrueGlo Turbo R:

Price: $100.00



TrueGlo Turbo is the most exciting new product we have ever researched and developed. It is now available in a formulation for cattle. sheep, and goats..TrueGlo Turbo R combines a proprietary blend of esterified medium chain triglycerides, low odor butyrate, PreVent our patent pending immune system support product,  along with other nutrients that support livestock performance.  

 TrueGlo Turbo R to help you get the most out of the livestock.

The features and benefits of TrueGlo Turbo R include:

1.   Improved appetite 

That means you can push for maximum growth rate when needed.    

2. Improves gut function by increasing villus height and crypt depth 

That means that nutrient absorption is improved, which is especially important when you are feeding one slower to optimize maturity.

3. Esterfied Medium Chain Fatty Acids

Help new livestock adjust to new microbial environment and keep livestock healthy

4. Prebiotics: 

That means a healthy gut microbiome and all its benefits.

5. Yeasts: TrueGlo Turbo delivers both Saccharomyces and Aspergillus species of beneficial yeast.

That means it not only supports a healthy stable gut environment but also supports starch and fiber digestibility.

Xylanase is the principal digestive enzyme in Aspergillus and we use a purified high potency product to deliver as much as 10X the xylanase activity as other products.

6. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Improves the appearance of skin and hair 

Reduces inflammation