TrueGLO Cr Swine


Use of TrueGLO Cr Swine:

  • Almost all Show Pigs from start to finish for all the benefits of original TrueGlo
  • To capture the cellular energy boost from chromium propionate
  • To improve athletic performance with the extra cellular energy that Chromium propionate unlocks
  • As the best companion to TrueCool during periods of heat stress
  • To achieve the full genetic potential and muscle development of your show pig

TrueGlo Cr Swine: Feed one of the enclosed scoop per three pounds of complete feed to provide the maximum total chromium supplementation allowed by the FDA of 200 ppb.

One bucket of TrueGlo Cr Swine is enough for 870 lbs of feed.

Price: $80.00



TrueGlo Cr Swine is identical to the original TrueGlo prior to the addition of chromium propionate premix to deliver the FDA maximum 200 ppb supplemental chromium when added at one scoop per three pounds of feed.

Chromium propionate is a highly available and it improves insulin efficiency by a factor of 8. Your pig will tend to add more muscle mass and be in a better position to express their full genetic potential. We use TrueGlo Cr Swine on virtually all show pigs the only exception being the few that struggle to put on adequate cover.