Use of TrueGUARDIAN:

  • For breeding stock where a healthy immune system increases colostrum quality and milk quantity.
  • In creep feeds to help support a healthy immune response
  • At weaning where a healthy immune response helps young stock combat the stress of weaning and anew environment
  • In pre-sale stock where the additional bloom that comes from a vibrant start adds value

TrueGuardian comes in a 10 pound bucket, enough for 1 to 2 tons of complete feed. It can also be feed individually as a top dress with the enclosed scoop.

Price: $40.00



TrueGuardian is a convenient way for all producers of any size to add our patent pending PreVent that nutritionally supports a healthy immune system

Each 10 pound bucket of TrueGuardian contains about a pound of PreVent in a soybean meal carrier. This allows producers to either individually top dress or mix TrueGuardian in complete feed to deliver it every day.