Use of TrueGAMMA:

  • Because it is extremely palatable and benefits feed intake during times of stress.
  • To improve skin and hair appearance for that fresh show ring ready look that gets you noticed.
  • When you want an all-natural source of gamma oryzanol antioxidants
  • As a source of highly digestible energy

TrueGamma comes in a convenient gallon with a free one ounce pump included so you can accurately measure 1 ounce per feeding. Each gallon delivers 128 one ounce feedings making TrueGamma very economical.

Price: $25.00



TrueGamma is 100% pure cold pressed rice bran oil. Rice bran oil is a natural, highly palatable source of nutrients like vitamin E and linoleic acid. It is also an excellent source of natural gamma oryzanol, a powerful antioxidant. TrueGamma is a must use product for supporting healthy skin and hair to achieve that winning fresh look in the show ring.