Use of TrueFIT:

  • To improve muscle definition and remove excessive cover.
  • The last 2 weeks to improve top shape and condition
  • When starting animals on feed or whenever the benefits of glutamine are desired for animal health and performance.
  • Daily to improve appetite.
  • As part of a holding program to help maintain muscle expression when limiting energy intake to manage weight gain.
  • To supply highly bioavailable amino acids to build muscle when feeding beta agonist supplements.

TrueFIT is supplied in a 30# bucket

Price: $80.00



TrueFIT is a brand new revolutionary technology in amino acid supplementation for exhibition livestock in meal form. It supplies all the building blocks you need to build muscle and is ideal for use in pigs in a Paylean free environment. In steers, lambs, and goats you’ll be amazed what happens to top expression.

TrueFIT is 42.5% Protein and 6.4% Lysine

The peptides and amino acids in TrueFIT are much more bioavailable than synthetic amino acids or soy based sources of crude protein used in every other product in the market. Because of the unique fermentation based protein and amino acid source used in TrueFIT it does not contain any of the anti-nutritional factors common in plant based protein sources.

TrueFIT also contains soluble fiber from both oat and citrus. Soluble fiber has  been shown to improve gut health.

TrueFIT is a low pH formula which contributes to palatability and gut health.

TrueFIT is also an excellent source of glutamine, an amino acid produced naturally in humans swine and other animals. In a recent study USDA-ARS scientists found glutamine showed great promise as an alternative to antibiotics. TrueFIT contains over 3% glutamine.

In our internal show pig trials using TrueFIT at 4% of the total diet (2 oz per 3# of feed) consumption increased nearly 15% with a corresponding increase in gain. We also noted that stool scores were also improved.